VIVAER® Treatment in Columbus, IN

Nasal congestion may sound like a stuffy nose to some, but as someone who has developed chronic nasal congestion, you know that it has put a significant strain on your life. When suffering from nasal congestion, you will experience several or all of the following issues:

Woman with nasal congestion
  • Stuffiness
  • Snot frequently dripping out of your nose
  • Frequent snoring, disrupting your sleep and your partner’s ability to rest
  • Breathing from your mouth
  • Bad breath
  • Fatigue
  • Stress and anxiety

Your chronic nasal congestion may be caused by an obstruction in your nasal airway. And when your airway is obstructed, you will continue to experience the above symptoms until the obstruction is cleared. To learn more about your condition and how to move towards long-term relief, schedule an appointment now with Southern Indiana ENT, or continue reading below.

What’s your stuffy nose keeping you from?

It doesn’t take long for frustration to set in when your nose feels stuffed. When you can’t breathe out of your nose, all aspects of your life are affected. From your romantic relationships to the amount of quality sleep you get each night, your congestion gets in the way.

When it’s difficult to sleep, your performance at work and enjoyment of life can also decline. You may start to withdraw from activities and intimacy, spend time and money unsuccessfully clearing your congestion, and start believing that long-term relief just isn’t possible.

Has your congestion led to a feeling of hopelessness? It doesn’t have to. By discovering the cause of your congestion and working with an ENT to find a safe and effective treatment plan, you can transform your hopelessness into a brighter and uncongested future.

What’s the cause of your congestion?

The congestion in your nose is the combination of trapped fluid and swollen nasal tissues and cavities. Your stuffy nose blocks air from traveling in and out, forcing you to breathe from your mouth.

Congestion is a symptom that something is wrong with your body. It can be anything from a cold to chronic sinusitis, or a sign that there is a serious issue with your airway that is causing a blockage resulting in chronic sinus congestion. While surgery is often a recommended solution for chronic nasal congestion and chronic sinusitis, it is not your only option!

There is a solution to clear your chronic nasal congestion and bring long-term relief into your life without opting for painful surgery that requires weeks of recovery – VIVAER®.

What is VIVAER® and how does it work?

When the cause of your congestion is due to a serious issue in your nasal airway, which can be compared to a twisted water hose, fixing that airway is the only way to permanently resolve your congestion. Surgery, which removes bone and tissue from the nose, can fix this issue, but many chronic congestion sufferers are opting for an alternative called VIVAER®.

VIVAER® is known as a nasal airway remodeling procedure, which can clear your congestion and sinusitis by reshaping your airway. The procedure reshapes your nasal airway tissue through a low-temperature process. VIVAER® Nasal Airway Remodeling is:

  • Non-invasive
  • Single procedure
  • Proven
  • Effective
  • Capable of providing long-term relief
  • Completed under local anesthesia
  • Finished in just minutes

Learn how VIVAER® can clear your nasal congestion by scheduling an appointment today with Southern Indiana ENT.

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Don’t let a stuffy, snotty nose prevent you from living your fullest life.

VIVAER® nasal airway remodeling can clear your congestion and the path to a clearer, healthier life.

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